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Are you thinking of starting a Spa Business, or looking for professional and certified employees to your Spa / Saloon When opening a new Spa or Revamping an existing Spa our strategic approach includes

•    Pre-Opening & Staffing
•    Spa Concept Designing
•    Business Strategy
•    Design of Facilities Planning
•    Spa Management and Operations
•    Setting-up Brand Concept and Story
•    Implementing Systems & Processes
•    Interviewing , Recruitment and Training
•    Spa Menu Designing and Treatment Costing
•    Spa Software Installations
•    Spa Employee Attire and Behavioral Standards
•    Spa Promotions and Packages
•    Spa SOP’s and Job Descriptions
•    Spa Financial Reports, Month ends & Sales Reports
•    Spa Treatments and Guest Booking Analysis
•    Spa Awards and Certificates Registrations

​•    Spa Academy, ​Syllabus & Study Materials, Faculty         & Certifications


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Safety and sanitation in the Spa business are essential for health, from preventing infection and improving employees and guest’s overall well-being. The guidelines developed in this document were created to provide comprehensive advice on Spa operations around the world during the Pandemic of COVID-19. It is with these challenges in mind that we have created comprehensive suggestions on social distancing within each area of the Spa to support the business during these unprecedented times

A well designed Ayurveda, Spa menu is your key sales and marketing tool, and attracting your ideal guest starts with copy that connects to the heart and cuts through the noise. We consider your brand identity and your typical guest demographic when penning the text for a spa menu, and our curated spa rituals embrace a holistic philosophy for mind, body and soul. 

With this service we visit the Spa as a mystery guest and evaluate the quality of your spa, services and team using our detailed guest journey evaluation and our spa expertise. In the strictest confidence and with your specific criteria in mind, we provide a comprehensive report that reviews the entire spa journey from making an appointment, right through the experience and onto the farewell. The spa facilities and overall ambience are also measured within this report so that you have a complete picture of guest satisfaction and areas for growth. 

We will study the market strength, weakness, opportunities and treats that related to your spa business, and will make a well detailed report for the marketing strategy planning. This report will help you for the futuristic approach ,the forecast experiences and the investment budget for the coming years, where-as in compare with your main competitors in the market.

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  We design healing holidays that nurture and inspire your guests to pursue well-being through interactive workshops and seminars and other wellness activities.    Our programmes will be curated , that matches with your guest, culture and environment of the resort / hotel

Wellness Activities Programmes Like..

•    Healing Therapies Sessions
•    Nature Walk
•    Forest Bath
•    Art Therapy
•    Essential Oil Therapy 
•    Fitness Classes 
•    Mindfulness Yoga Classes
•    Mantra Chanting
•    Acupuncture
•    Ayurveda Consultation
•    Reiki Healing
•    Guided Live Sound Meditation
•    Customized Wellness           

     Activities for your resort/ hotel



Offering an innovative approach to support retreat development. understand the current trends and guests  expectations in the niche area of retreats and wellness that help you create holistic well-being retreats with a true integrity. 

 Hosting Retreats Programmes   like..

•    Yoga Retreats
•    Awareness and Meditation

•    Holistic Detox Retreats
•    Ayurveda Retreats
•    Mindful Wellness Retreats
•    Healthy Diet Retreats
•    Play to Stay 
•    Heal to Stay
•    Customized Retreats as per

     Request ( minimum 10pax )

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